KEYHOLE - How it Works

Easily attach the KEYHOLE® Hands-Free Camera Harness to the 1" webbing on your backpack or chest harness shoulder straps.  Open the quick disconnect buckles and slide on the backpack and harness.  Fasten the buckles and snug up the straps.
Install the red knob to your camera in the tripod mount hole.  This knob is designed to fit into the slot on the KEYHOLE® plate.  Adjust the neck straps on your camera to allow the weight of the camera to rest in the slot.  This weight keeps the camera secured in the slot and prevents it from swinging. 

Attach the red dangling strap to the lens cover to prevent creep and to use as a lens cap keeper.

To use the camera, simply remove the lens cover from the camera and raise the camera up to disengage the knob from the plate. 

Attach harness to 1" webbing on pack straps
Ready to use
Lens creep without using red strap

No lens creep when using red strap

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